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What is a Personal Record Review?

A Personal Record Review is when you run a background check on yourself using Live Scan Fingerprinting. This California Personal Record Review is only checking your record within the state of California ONLY using a California Department of Justice check. So this means that if you were arrested and convicted in any other state other than California, then your record will not appear for this check.

Personal Record Reviews are generally done when someone wants or needs to know the specific date and/ or charge that they received when they got into trouble with the law. Other reasons why people perform a Personal Record Review is if they apply for something such as a job, license, visitation to someone in prison, etc.and they get denied and they want to know or need to know whats on their record.

You can get your own California State Record Review by following these Steps:

  1. Go online and search for Personal Record Review Live Scan Form.
  2. On that Live Scan Form Check the “Record Review” as the Type of Application.
  3. Type in all of your personal information.
  4. Bring us the completed Live Scan Form with $45 Cash, Cashiers Check or Money Order.

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