Ink Fingerprinting Services in California

If you require ink fingerprinting services, Federal Fingerprinting can help. We can help you find out where to get ink fingerprinting done near you.

Federal Fingerprinting offers FBI Ink Fingerprinting Services to residents throughout California. These services make use of FBI Ink Cards, also known as Fingerprint Cards or just simply Ink Cards.

Fingerprint Cards (FD-258) are generally used when an applicant is applying for a job, license or permit outside of the state that they currently live in such as California. However, sometimes these Fingerprint Cards/ Ink Cards are used for Federal Background Checks. In some cases when a Live Scan fingerprint will not go through the normal process, you can sometimes use a Fingerprint Card/ Ink Card instead. Thankfully, here at Federal Fingerprinting, we offer Ink Fingerprinting Services to our clients in addition to our Live Scan fingerprinting offerings. Fingerprint Cards/ Ink Cards generally it takes 1 to 2 Months to be processed before coming back with results to the customer. By comparison, Live Scan fingerprinting will usually only take a few days or so for you to get your results back.


To properly prepare for your upcoming FBI Fingerprint Card Service appointment, you will need to have the following items and pieces of information with you:

  • Your Full Social Security Number (if you have one)
  • At Least One Government Issued Photo ID

Customers who want to take advantage of Federal Fingerprinting’s ink fingerprinting services must present a valid photo ID to the fingerprint technician to verify your identity. The following are FBI approved forms of photo identification:

  • Passport
  • Card Out-of-state Driver’s License
  • Alien Registration / Immigration Green Card
  • Military ID Card

Once you provide these items to the technician, they will begin the fingerprint card service. They will take down your fingerprints and prepare them for transfer and processing. After around generally 3-4 weeks, you will be contacted via mail with with the results of your FBI Ink Card background check. Get in touch with Federal Fingerprinting today to find out where to get ink fingerprinting near you. Fingerprint card services could be right around the corner with the help of Federal Fingerprinting.

Live Scan and Ink Fingerprinting Services

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